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タイトル: 管理者、翻訳者募集啓発 [このページを印刷する]

作者: Detective    時間: 2019-3-19 15:38
タイトル: 管理者、翻訳者募集啓発
FBにIdenty Vのホームページを作りました。私たちは3人の管理者と3人の翻訳者を探しています。

Hi everyone!
We have established a fans page of IDV in facebook called Identity V - Global Forum and we are so eager to welcome you to join us and have fun!
This is a FB page for fans to check the latest artwork or video from fans about Identity V.
We have 67 thousand followers which makes us the largest home page of unofficial ones in FB.

We're looking for more dedicated players to help us in our important duty that is to provide the best experience for all our players around the world.
For this role, we will offer some in game items to be the rewards for doing this job.
If you are still interested, feel free to apply for the position. Take the time you need and do not hurry: we will only approve the best applications!

translator recruit requirement:
1.Be able to use Chinese or English to daily work communication
2.Be able to work on translate Chinese or English to Thai or Japanese
3.Have enough time to finish translation and communicate with us

FB moderator
1.Be able to use Chinese or English to daily work communication
2.As a moderator, you will be in charge of moderating our homepage by providing assistance,and organizing activities.
FB moderator : 2mods

[Note : Please apply if you are 18yrs and above]

Contact us:
You can contact us in FB or Email.
Our email:
FB home page: Identity V - Global Forum

Leave information:
Please leave the following information:
1.Your game level(survivor and hunter)
2.Your available time to work
3.Which language do you prefer to communicate
4.Apply for translator or moderator

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