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タイトル: Games for Christmas [このページを印刷する]

作者: anthill    時間: 2021-12-6 13:58
タイトル: Games for Christmas
Games for Christmas: Christmas Tiles, Advent Mahjong, cookie clicker,

1. Christmas Tiles

Make matches of three or more like things that are adjacent to each other to clear the Christmas tiles from the board. When no matches are available, Magic Snowflakes can be employed to destroy tiles.

2. Advent Mahjong

In Catch The Snowflake, your attention will be put to the test! All you have to do in this game is connect the squares that are embellished with snowflakes and Christmas trees. Before the clock runs out, how many points do you think you'll be able to score?


A multiplayer game with snowmen and snowballs! Collect snow to grow, acquire power-ups, and hit your opponents with snowballs!

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